Hide your TV with style to improve the space of your room

Soluzioni per la parete tv


Hide your TV with style to improve the space of your room

One of our flagship products, the Flip 900R was included and installed in the renovation of a penthouse overlooking the historical center of beautiful Rapallo, on the Ligurian Riviera.

The renovation, designed by architect Marco Cassottana and by system integrator Salvatore Romano published by Houzz the online magazine for designers and architects, had as its main objective to create a house without corners, where freedom of movement and flow reign supreme.

Disappearing TV to optimize space

The space inside the house had to be rebalanced between the idea of comfort in total freedom and the linear lightness of the new furniture, thus meeting the needs of the owner who wanted a new home without doors between the living and sleeping areas and therefore without barriers. For this reason, architect Cassottana favored a plan that granted maximum fluidity of movement.

Surprise effect: the Flip 900R motorized TV bracket

In the new floor plan, the Maior Flip 900R, was designed and included. It is a motorized TV system that makes the best use of any room, since the TV remains completely hidden so as to guarantee maximum fluidity of space.

In this house, specifically, the TV comes down from the false ceiling – suitably reinforced by a plasterer – unfolding by 90 degrees and can be rotated up to 360 degrees, so that it can be seen from everywhere in the house. This solution not only increased the physical space between the living room and the kitchen – thus removing the TV cabinet – but also increased the brightness of the room and the visual space, exactly as required by the owner.

Maior Motorized TV systems for a design home

The motorized brackets for TV Maior are intended for those who are looking for a functionalelegant and barrier-free environment, guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement and making use of the full potential of the spaces. In fact, the Maior motorized systems for TVs solves even the most complex design challenges without neglecting the elegance and aesthetic appearance of the surrounding environment.

Motorized TV brackets: the ideal solution for hospital supplies

Medical monitors


Motorized TV brackets: the ideal solution for hospital supplies

Maior Flip 900R is the ceiling support for medical monitors that ensures doctors a better reading of diagnoses and more space between hospital furnishings.

Prevention is better than cure

The project of a hospital is certainly a work that requires many considerations. Architects know this well, as do designers.

Among the evaluations to be done carefully are: how to make the work of doctors easier and how to optimize space to create more freedom of movement.

Surely, choosing the right hospital supplies can give a great hand. It is important to start from here, if you want to create a modern and functionally impeccable structure.

A ceiling monitor is an essential aid in the medical sector, facilitating the space available on the workbench and allowing better visibility of the screen details if necessary. The mobility of the monitor is ensured by the motorized TV brackets.

Lahore University Hospital gets into the chair

There is a pole of study from which to learn a lot. It is located in Lahore, capital of the Punjab region and second most populous city of Pakistan.

Why did The University of Lahore Teaching Hospital catch the attention of the media and insiders? The diagnosis is easy, they managed to improve the diagnostic activity of the residents and to gain more space during the exercises.

This is a concrete example of optimal management of environments and a right choice of hospital supplies.

The Maior Flip 900R motorized ceiling TV stand, installed on the ceiling by partner Clevtron, plays a fundamental role in the aisle.

The support houses medical monitors that future doctors use for diagnosis readings.

The peculiarity of the silent movement from top to bottom, the advantage of returning to its place once the lesson is over, the 360 rotation and the minimal design are all elements that made the difference.

How much space do young doctors have compared to before? Definitely more.

The motorized TV bracket makes the room multifunctional, because when he has finished his work he returns to his place and leaves the space free from clutter.

Hygiene is always safe. The remote control allows you to operate the movement of the bracket without having to touch it with a finger.

This is what innovation and technology are for: improving the quality of our experiences. Especially when it affects everyone’s future.