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How to enhance home with panoramic windows

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Sliding glass doors are not just an architectural element, but a real tool to enhance the home. Through the glass, natural light floods the spaces, creating welcoming environments. The ability to fully open the walls towards the outside allows for visually and functionally extending the spaces, connecting interiors and exteriors in a single harmonious flow.

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The charm of panoramic windows: the harmony between interior and exterior

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Panoramic windows, especially when large in size, offer a practical and functional solution to enhance the indoor environment, providing the room with increased brightness.

The windows, moreover, offer the possibility to highlight a lush garden, a panoramic view, or access to a veranda.

However, the choice of the type of glass is of fundamental importance, as it will significantly influence the entire house.

Types of panoramic windows

Fixed glass windows

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Fixed windows are ideal for environments where opening to the outside space is not necessary, but a continuous view and a large amount of natural light are still desired.

As the name suggests, fixed windows are stationary and do not open as they are made up of a single continuous facade. They offer a clean and modern design, with a sense of limitless space and perfect integration between indoors and outdoors.

Pass-through window 

Also known as removable panoramic windows (VEPA), they are a versatile and functional solution for closing outdoor spaces such as balconies, loggias, terraces, or porches.

These glass windows allow to define open spaces, offering the possibility to open or close the sliding panels or glass doors according to needs.

The movable glass walls are becoming an increasingly popular choice, especially in the luxury market. This trend is due to their ability to combine functionality and sophisticated design.

Sliding glass doors

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Sliding glass doors are a type of opening system in which the panels can slide horizontally on a track, allowing for opening without taking up additional space inside or outside the environment.

This type of glass wall can be designed with various configurations, such as two sliding panels, three panels, or multiple panels. Moreover, it is valued for its practicality, flexibility, and versatility, and can be customized to meet the specific project and design requirements of any space.

Vertical sliding windows

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Vertical sliding windows, also known as “boxsas windows,” are characterized by a vertical opening system. In this type of window, the window sashes move up and down along a vertical track, allowing for adjustable opening.

These stained glass windows offer a combination of functionality and aesthetics, and are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings to create a bright and airy environment, while also allowing easy access to the outside and good ventilation.

Folding panoramic doors and bifold doors

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A folding glass door is a type of opening system for windows or glass doors that allows the panels to fold or pack along one side of the structure when not in use. This means that the panels can fold onto themselves or be gathered on one side of the opening, reducing clutter and maximizing available space.

Two factors in particular lead people to choose this solution: reduced space occupancy, thanks to the side packaging technology, and dimensional flexibility. Regardless of the size of the space to be defined, bifold doors offer the possibility of adding panels until reaching the desired dimensions, allowing for a customized opening tailored to the specific requirements.

Design of panoramic glass windows

Glass walls can give a suggestive aesthetic to environments, but careful planning and a series of thorough evaluations are essential to ensure the success of the intervention.

Among these choices is the selection of the frame to be used: PVC, wood, or aluminum. All materials are optimal for the final result as they possess insulating properties both thermally and acoustically:

  • Aluminum windows are generally recommended for large-sized verandas, thanks to their durability over time and low maintenance requirements.
  • The PVC windows are particularly appreciated for their affordable quality-price ratio. However, they are not ideal for installation in large sizes.
  • Wooden windows, finally, are the most requested by those who appreciate a more rustic style but capable of making the environment welcoming. Compared to other materials, wood requires extra attention towards maintenance.

Another important factor to consider during the design phase is the size of the surface. This can affect both the type of window opening and the choice of material, but also and above all on the final cost. However, even on small surfaces, surprising effects can be achieved.

In addition, it is important to carefully evaluate the desired width of the opening, as the installation of these windows may require masonry work and obtaining specific authorizations.

The impact of Sky-Frame windows on the indoor environment

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Often, large windows are accompanied by few furnishings characterized by essential lines, minimalist lighting, and practically imperceptible details.

This is because large windows, although occupying a modest portion of the living space, are conceptually bulky, radically transforming even the most modest and anonymous of rooms. This is attributable not only to the brightness they offer, but also to the interaction with the external spaces, which, thanks to the transparency of the windows, become an integral part of the indoor environment.

Indeed, when the position of the glass window allows you to admire an urban skyline or a natural panorama like a lush green park, the resulting effect is truly extraordinary.

To meet these needs, Maior has designed motorized TV mounts that, thanks to a retractable mechanism, are able to disappear inside the false ceiling, leaving the view unobstructed from any furniture interference.

Motorized TV mounts

Staffe tv motorizzate a scomparsa

Maior’s motorized TV mounts represent an innovative solution to preserve the integrity of the panoramic view offered by panoramic windows.

Thanks to their design that allows them to discreetly hide in the ceiling, these brackets allow you to position the TV discreetly and functionally. This means that when the TV is not in use, it can be completely hidden, thus allowing you to maintain the wide and impressive view offered by the panoramic windows.

In this way, it avoids compromising the visual experience and the overall atmosphere of the room, allowing guests to fully enjoy the beauty of the landscape without unwanted visual interferences.