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Open space living: a guide to choosing the perfect spot for TV

Tv in open space

Open space has become a popular choice in modern homes, offering bright and airy areas that integrate the kitchen, dining room, and living area. However, deciding the ideal placement of the TV in this environment can present unique challenges.

This article will explore tips and suggestions to optimize the viewing experience and overall design of an open space.

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Considerations for open space

The TV is an electronic device with mixed opinions. Some people love it, while others can’t stand it. Some place it in every room, while others prefer not to see it at all. It also seems that fewer people are interested in traditional television, preferring to watch TV series on iPads or smartphones.

For those who want to place a TV, large or small, in an open space, here are some practical solutions.

Key points for TV placement

In an open space, the perspective on furniture and the home changes: the TV can’t simply be hung on the wall because, in such a large environment, the screen wouldn’t be visible from some viewpoints. Additionally, in a modern setting, it’s important to avoid visual obstacles and maintain a sense of coherence and uniformity in the decor.

Central placement of the TV can ensure optimal visibility from various angles. Wall mounting is a popular solution, but it’s important to position the TV at a comfortable height for viewing.

Alternatively, you can opt for innovative and design-oriented solutions such as Maior’s motorized TV mounts. These mounts can raise and lower the screen as needed, and when not in use, the TV support retracts completely into the ceiling. Moreover, these brackets can rotate the TV up to 180° for optimal viewing from any point in the room, ensuring a great viewing experience regardless of the viewers’ position.

Concealed TV in the ceiling

Tv a scomparsa nel soffitto

One of the most innovative solutions for integrating a TV in an open space is to mount it on the ceiling with a retractable system. This option offers a clean and minimalist design, as the TV can be hidden when not in use, leaving the visual space free.

Maior’s ceiling-retractable mounts feature silent motors that allow the TV to be lowered or raised with a simple touch of a button or remote control.

With this type of installation, the TV can be centrally positioned without obstructing the view. Additionally, by being able to completely conceal the TV when not in use, you can fully enjoy the space without compromising its aesthetics.

Maior’s motorized mounts not only ensure a secure and stable installation but also offer the ability to customize the height and angle of the TV for optimal viewing.

TV at the center of the open space

Tv in open space

Another trendy option is to position the TV at the center of the open space, creating a visual focal point that unites the different areas of the room.

Even with this arrangement, thanks to Maior’s motorized TV mounts, the TV can be placed in a strategic point of the room, ensuring perfect visibility from every angle. This solution makes the TV the entertainment hub while maintaining a clean and unobstructed design.

TV within a partition wall


If the space is very large and wall mounting isn’t an option, you can create a partition wall using furniture like sideboards or bookcases. This way, the cabinet will harmoniously integrate with the rest of the decor.

Maior’s TV lift allow you to integrate the TV within pieces like cabinets, sideboards, or bookcases, offering a discreet and functional option to incorporate technology into the existing decor.


In conclusion, furnishing an open space presents unique challenges but also offers extraordinary opportunities to create a welcoming, functional, and aesthetically pleasing area. The position of the TV within an open space plays a crucial role in determining the overall look and feel of the space. The innovative solutions discussed – from ceiling-retractable TVs to TV lift for cabinet – offer an excellent variety of options to meet the needs of any modern home.

Whether creating a central focal point or discreetly integrating technology, the goal is to maximize space utilization and enhance the overall viewing experience. This way, whether for relaxing family evenings or parties with friends, an open space equipped with a well-placed TV becomes the heart of the home, a place where conviviality and technology meet in perfect harmony.