Hidden TV: a practical and design solution
Hiding and showing the television is a simple solution that can revolutionize the space of any room.

Over the years, the evolution of televisions has been surprising. The transition from the cathode ray tube to new visual technologies has seen one of the most iconic objects in the house constantly refine its design.

A modern TV no longer has the appearance of a bulky box full of buttons with rounded ends. The LED and LCD display technology has made it possible to flatten the screen in a surprising way, guaranteeing high definition performance and 4K images on incredibly thin monitors.

The decrease in the thickness of the screen has opened the doors to new perspectives in interior design, making TV furniture obsolete objects. Even hanging the TV on the wall is an outdated choice: the best result in terms of aesthetics and planning is to install a retractable TV.

Thanks to a motorized TV stand, it is possible to hide the TV in the ceiling or inside a piece of furniture, reducing the space occupied by the room and embellishing the interior design. Installing a retractable TV guarantees a “wow effect” on guests and improves the livability of the living space.

Choosing a hidden retractable TV: what are the advantages?

Retractable TV

Retractable TVs are accessible at all times, but remain invisibly hidden when not in use. The three main advantages of a retractable TV are: no positioning limits; flawless design; more space for furniture.

No positioning limits

When we are struggling with the arrangement of furniture in a room, deciding where to place a TV often becomes a problem, not only for the clutter of any piece of furniture, but for the view to be kept between the wall occupied by the spectator and that of the TV. , even if we are talking about a TV mounted on the wall.

All these obstacles can be overcome by a retractable TV installed on a wall. Why settle for a simple mirror TV? Mounting a retractable TV in the ceiling allows you to free not only the surface of the room, but also the wall where we would have placed a wall-mounted television.

Hiding the TV is a solution that allows us to bring the experience of a large screen even in rooms where usually a hi-tech TV would be out of place, such as a bedroom or kitchen. Why settle for the Lounge? The positioning of a TV has no boundaries.

Flawless design

One of the mantras of the design world is that the shape given to an object must support its function. The inconvenience of a TV that does not conform to the style of a room cannot deprive us of some pleasures, such as following the latest news from the bed or enjoying a good movie from the bathtub.

Hiding a TV in a piece of furniture or in the ceiling allows us not to compromise the interior design and to follow the TV whenever necessary. Blank screens that obstruct the view and cables in sight on the floor become a thing of the past. With a good home automation system, you can also say goodbye to the remote control.

Less is more: hiding the TV enhances the furniture

A television attracts the attention of a person from any point of the room in which it is placed. On or off, the TV often becomes a kind of totem, stealing the show from objects, plants, paintings, photos and every component of creative decoration.

Making the TV disappear from view gives the furniture a new prestige. Choosing a retractable TV means not only gaining more space for furniture close to a parade, but also offering the rest of the objects the opportunity to get noticed. The best technology to take advantage of a retractable TV is a motorized TV bracket.

What is a motorized TV bracket?

A motorized TV bracket – or motorized TV arm – is a mechanical electrical system for lifting a TV vertically or turning its screen, allowing a TV to disappear into a ceiling or a retractable TV cabinet

The advantages of this mechanical system entail numerous advantages for the television and the environment in which it is installed: in addition to freeing the space from unnecessary clutter, the apparatus protects the devices from dust and humidity and prevents the screen from being bumped once. hidden. A motorized TV bracket has not only practical advantages… but also aesthetic ones!

Hiding the television in a piece of furniture or in a ceiling could be the perfect solution to not compromise the design of a room, for example when an excessively high-tech-looking furniture can be out of place, such as in a vintage living room or a classic kitchen.

What parts does a motorized TV bracket consist of?

Due to a large variety of TVs, there is no exact standard of motorized TV stands. However, there are some common characteristics. The main part of this appliance is obviously the TV lifting system, consisting of a lifting unit and a power supply.

The power supply of the TV bracket is inserted into the wall socket via an extension, possibly managed by a rocker switch. A sturdy metal frame supports the television screen, keeping the TV steady during the movements of the lifting and rotating unit.

The fixing is obtained thanks to the holes provided on the bracket, to weld the structure to the TV with screws. If the motorized TV bracket is designed to make the screen disappear in a piece of furniture, the lifting kit must also include a lifter for the lid. The system for the automatic movement of the TV is usually operated by a remote control.

How does a motorized TV bracket work?

From a spectator’s point of view, the operation of a motorized TV bracket is simple and immediate: you enter a room, pick up a remote control, press a button … and that’s it, the TV appears or disappears ( if the remote control does not work or has flat batteries, there are buttons to operate the brackets directly).

Maior’s motorized TV arm models go beyond a bidirectional vertical movement and give the possibility to rotate the screen horizontally in both directions, allowing a 360 ° view. These devices are equipped with a safety system that blocks the lowering of the screen when it does not correspond to its original position.

Normally the TV supports allow to host screens between 23 “and 70”. See the page “Convert from inches to cm” to find out the size of your screen. Checking the measurements supported by a TV bracket is essential: make sure they correspond to those of the TV you need to use.

The vertical bar is adjustable to the height of the TV while the horizontal bar must line up with the mounting holes on the back of the television. If the size of the TV is less than the maximum height of the lift, the device is adequate.

What type of motorized bracket to choose for the retractable TV?

To choose the best automatic TV stand for a room, you need to be aware of the features of each model in order to reap the benefits. In summary, however, we can divide motorized TV brackets into two categories: electric TV lifts and motorized drop-down arms.

Pop Up electric tv lifts

Known abroad as the Pop-Up Lift, the pop-up TV lift is one of the most popular devices. A retractable TV lifter raises the screen vertically, thanks to a telescopic tube that stretches when the electric motor is operated. The bracket is positioned in the center and is equipped with a support foot, ensuring the stability of the structure.

Motorized drop-down TV arms

Universally called the Drop-Down Lift, the motorized TV ceiling brackets take a different mechanical approach: they lower the screen instead of lifting it. From a design point of view it is a revolution, but you have to pay attention to some characteristics of the room to use it.

Firstly, we should have enough space to hide the screen in the ceiling… but less than you can imagine! The most advanced TV ceiling brackets bring the TV into a horizontal position, aligning the screen with the ceiling surface to save space. This type of model is more advanced: it requires a special motor and systems that facilitate the lifting of loads.

Retractable TV: Does the TV come first or the bracket?

When it comes to retractable TVs, choosing the right model isn’t particularly challenging, but there are a few points to consider before making the final decision.

First of all, it is good to proceed first with the purchase of the TV and then the motorized bracket, then choosing an appropriate support based on the measurements and characteristics of the TV.

As most lift systems come with VESA compatible mounting brackets, you need to make sure your TV also complies with this standard as it is supported by most brands.

The central position on the back of the TV should therefore be taken into consideration, which is less standardized than other parameters. The right position will determine the correct run, making sure that the TV completely emerges from the box in which it is hidden.

The weight of the TV is also a factor that should not be overlooked: the TV lift systems indicate precise weight limits and must always be taken into consideration, comparing them with those of your TV. These TV parameters must be the starting point of the entire decision-making process.


Retractable TV in the ceiling

Installing a retractable TV is becoming an increasingly popular choice, able to reconcile aesthetic and functional needs, bringing together interior design enthusiasts and the most avid hi-tech lovers.

Retractable TV mechanisms know no application limits, lending themselves not only to installation in conference rooms and living rooms, but also confined spaces such as kitchens and bedrooms, allowing you to make the most of the space in each room.

The motorized TV brackets allow you to manage a retractable TV by making it appear or hiding it with a simple command.

Are you looking for the best automation for your television? Discover our motorized TV brackets!


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