Concealment furniture: 10 style tricks to make space the real centrepiece

Let’s face it: trying to have a functional and organized home with concealment furniture solutions to free up space is everyone’s dream. If, in addition to functionality we add minimalist aesthetics, bingo!

Concealment solutions don’t happen by magic, but are the result of careful research and attention to detail.

After having shown you how to enanche your room interiors, here is a collection of 10 original ideas for concealment solutions, from daily use items to domestic appliances.

Less is more, the code word is to make only the space visible, and hide everything else!


Secret speakers: it sounds like a contradiction, but it’s not. Garvan Acoustic offers concealment solutions for audio amplifiers, loudspeakers and subwoofers that are perfectly integrated within the environment.

Design ideas with infinite material, colour and customization options. Available for walls, plasterboard, or even for outdoors.

The technical specifications for these products guarantee high-quality performance without losing sight of the essential minimalism of concealed furnishing.


It is called Miniki, and it’s the first concealed kitchen that transforms into a suspended sideboard after use.

A modular kitchen for all intents and purposes, where every need can be satisfied even in the smallest of spaces.

Compact, organized and perfectly functional. Various modules with customizable bases are available in 14 colours, and comprise of: a cooking area, sink, pantry, refrigerator and oven.

Ideal for small spaces, perfect for verandas or terraces.


The TV that is there or is not there, it depends on you: motorized tv mount from ceiling Maior Flip 900R  allows you to conceal your television completely.

Thanks to its innovative concealment system it enables the elimination of all support equipment for the television set, freeing up the space in your home.

Only when you wish, the TV will appear from the ceiling, it will open like a book and descend to the position and height of your choice. And, if needed, it will rotate, guaranteeing visibility at 360° with an incredible visual effect.


It is possible to transform the home with a touch of design while staying true to functionality, thanks to concealment solutions that hide spaces, cabinets and nooks.

Indeed, these built-in wall compartments are the optimum concealment solution to enclose and equip spaces.

Ideal for making the various spaces in the home into functional areas, without relinquishing aesthetic harmony.

From closets to small utility rooms, to conceal automation installations or simply to create nooks in which to secrete anything you don’t want to keep on display.

Totally customizable in measurement, shape and dimensions, this is the answer to the functional organization of every home.


Give me a nook and I will transform it into an extraction hood.

This is not a promise – it’s a reality. They tried to hide the extraction hood in many places, first in the kitchen wall units to the detriment of pantry space, then in the ceiling, having to resort to the creation of a counter-ceiling.

Now, finally, the extraction hood can be integrated into the cooktop, gaining instrumental space without renouncing on optimum suction technology.


A system that is flush with the wall, that guarantees the concealment of electrical sockets, but also doubles as a central vacuum system.

Clean and minimalist lines of contemporary design, it goes perfectly in any room, bringing orderliness and elegance.


As anti-aesthetic as it is essential, the toilet brush is one of the bathroom accessories that anyone would want out of their sight.

For this reason, hiding it in the wall is one of the most ingenious concealment solutions ever. Totally hidden nooks that simultaneously guarantee functionality and discretion.

Made of stainless steel or with a shutter that can be tiled, this solution has a clean and minimalist design.


In a bathroom with clean and minimalist lines, only the essentials are visible.

Small, totally hidden nooks containing hangers, dispensers, toothbrush holders, waste bin or medicine cabinet.

The objects are made of stainless steel with the possibility of being covered with the same material as the wall, and in any finish.


We are not talking about a simple induction cooker, but an induction cooker that is an integral part of the kitchen top.

It seems incredible and indeed it is! TPB tech® technology in the SapienStone kitchen tops allows cooking, dining and working on the same surface. 

The induction cooker is perfectly hidden underneath the worktop, enhacing the qualities of Italian porcelain while ensuring the best technological performance.


It is possible to simplify domestic life thanks to this particular type of floor-level vacuum cleaner that is installed within the kitchen skirting boards: perfect for vacuuming crumbs without too much effort.

Once the dirt has been swept to the front of the appliance door, just touch the opening and the vacuum cleaner starts up.

The suction time can be easily adjusted but a remote control is also supplied to manage it better.

Thanks to a flexible hose you can turn it into an actual vacuum cleaner to clean the areas adjacent to the installation point.