Minimal innovative furniture: 10 flush-fitting solutions to furnish your modern house

When saving space in your home is no longer a question of necessity but of pure design, innovative furniture solutions are created to meet the most refined aesthetic requirements.

Perfect tidiness and cleanliness of areas: here is how to integrate structural elements and devices in your environment thanks to minimal furniture.

A collection of 10 minimal furniture ideas which can inspire design for your home.

Wall-mounted skirting board

How much dust accumulates on the edge of classic skirting boards? How annoying is it not to be able to adjust furniture against the wall because of the difference in level?

Minimal furniture answers these questions with an elegant and modern solution.

An aluminum profile that is recessed during the construction of the walls. After plastering and laying the floor, the skirting boards are fitted into the actual wall.

This way, we achieve a perfect alignment between the skirting board and overlying wall.

An interesting aspect is the ability to insert a led profile, guaranteeing an impacting finish.

The skirting board is more interesting if you opt for a colour which contrasts with the wall, or it can also be used as the finishing on the steps of a staircase.

In short, there are so many options, just use your imagination to give new life to what we have always considered a boring skirting board.

Wall-mounted socket plates

Switch and socket plates are also affected by minimal furnishings. The secret is always the same: all the components are inserted within special boxes embedded into the wall, meaning that only the plate aligned to the wall remains visible.

These are not to be confused with the sliding ones, which protrude by a few millimeters and hide classic sockets.

Clean in appearance and functional in use. You can choose the LED backlight, configure the controls, and make incisions on the aluminum plate. Minimalist and efficient, they are the socket plates of the future.

TV ceiling lifts

How to transform your TV into an element of aesthetic value? Just divert from classic ideas and bring the TV from above.

The TV lifts opens up and goes down vertically until it is positioned at the desired height.

When the TV is not needed just press a button which realigns it with the ceiling so that everyone can appreciate the aesthetics of the screen.

The plus of this product is the ability to rotate the screen 360 °. Perfect to enjoy the view from several points in the same room or even from by the pool!

The ceiling TV mount offers a practical, comfortable design solution to manage space.

Perfectly in keeping with minimal decor, it supports most TV sizes and comes with a custom ceiling installation package.

It is available with custom finishes in various models and can be fully integrated with the home automation system.

A real domestic revolution that gives you more space for emotions and less attention to the TV. For more information check the motorized tv mount from ceiling Maior Flip 900R

Integrated wall / ceiling / floor lighting

In modern homes, integrated options are very popular, but the choice becomes a must when it comes to lighting.

Thanks to the integration of the light elements we can create a contemporary and ultra-refined atmosphere.

No chandelier to dust or light bulb to change, merely the simple and linear design of the LED, which combines style and functionality.

If we add the efficiency, durability and unparalleled brightness, it is perfect. Modern recessed plaster elements are surpassed by lighting profiles that enhance volumes and surfaces: this is how the essential design blends with the most advanced technology.

This type of profile allows easy integration to any surface, provided that there is a minimum depth of 5 cm.

The modules are assembled instantly thanks to a magnetic click system. The LED profile is versatile and can be integrated 360 °: in the ceiling, the walls, (concrete or wood) and in the floor.

Offering hidden places light, redesigning spaces and enhancing environments, giving life to infinite combinations of creativity for minimal furniture.

Flush wall doors

In this case, minimalism is satin-finished thanks to the total absence of jambs, frames and profiles.

A unique counter frame completely integrates the door into the wall, creating a clean and linear visual impact.

The handle is the only element that stands out, making it advisable to choose a simple one with modern lines.

Whatever the furnishing need, a flush to the wall door is the right solution for you: in wood, in glass, plastered or even armoured, with the possibility of customizing it in height and finishes.

And the real touch of style? Decorate the door with wallpaper: this is how to transform a simple architectural element into a design component, adding value.

Integrated ceiling hood

There are those who love them and those who find them so unsightly that they avoid installing them.

Those who have an oven in an island kitchen (or open) often face the arduous dilemma: “Hood or no hood?”.

Certainly, modern extractor hoods, however beautiful they are, are very bulky and do not suit the minimal furniture which offers us that tidiness and clean spaces.

We can reach a good compromise, the ceiling-integrated extractor hood. For this design, a false ceiling (even if partial) must be provided to allow it to be installed.

The great advantage is that it hides the unaesthetic suction pipe inside the false ceiling.

Thanks to this type of installation, you can change the kitchen’s appearance, guaranteeing visual continuity and harmonizing spaces.

If you want to make the most of the product’s potential, you can opt for a hood with an integrated lighting element: a mirror surface, which hides elegant LED strips.

Wall mounted Bioethanol fireplace

Integrated into the wall, even the fireplace can be integrated into the satin wall.

With a goodbye to large wall furniture, comes a welcome to space. This is how the house’s fireplace is enhanced and improved, thanks to a totally minimal wall which it is incorporated into.

This type of installation can also be replicated for classic wood or pellet fireplaces, but is easier to install for bioethanol.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, they can be positioned anywhere in the home because they do not require a chimney, and do not produce any ash.

They are the perfect choice for those who do not want all that maintenance or create dirt around the house.

In addition, you can adjust the intensity of the flames and – in some models – insert essential oils which give off a scent into the environment. The wall-mounted fireplace is a choice that gives a touch of elegance to minimalism.

Flush to the wall windows

Having mentioned the doors, we couldn’t miss out on the windows. Here is the absolute trend of minimal furniture.

Try to imagine a window in which you cannot see any hardware or hinges and remove the frames too.

The result is a window with light, pure lines that guarantees complete comfort while remaining formal and exclusive.

Zero frame technology to guarantee even more light than a traditional frame, with frames which are totally embedded both on the inside and on the outside, to obtain the maximum possible transparency.

A masterpiece of beauty, which at the same time does not neglect thermal insulation.

Semi-integrated induction hob top

In three words: precise, practical and beautiful. The alternative to the classic hob burners began to spread a few years ago in Italian homes and they give the kitchen a modern style and design.

Although it has a higher price than gas hob tops and requires specific cooking pans, it guarantees a 92% higher yielding, with reduced preparation times.

The glass ceramic induction hob is easy to install, clean and – especially if you have children in your home – safe because it is flame-free.

The semi-circle top protrudes approximately 3 mm from the top and represents the ideal compromise between elegance and comfort.

Commercially more widespread is the black colour one, but it is also very fashionable in white.

Remember, however, that the clear part must always remain clean to guarantee the WOW effect! The trends in minimal furniture confirm it: the induction hob is a must in the kitchen of tomorrow.

Floor-level shower tray

The shower tray integrated within the floor is one of those small measures that will allow you to transform your bathroom with a touch of design.

Being flat to the floor, it blends harmoniously with the surrounding space and eliminates that annoying (and dangerous) step between the floor and the plate.

It is most used in walk in showers, where the entrance remains open and the effect of continuity with the environment is even more emphasized.

The perfect match is achieved by choosing a transparent crystal screen for optimal impact, especially in a small space.

In choosing the shower tray you are spoilt for choice between different shapes, colours and materials.

Even the position of the drain is customizable: central, lateral or even on the wall, thus eliminating the encumbrance of the water discharge.