Hiding the TV: a simple solution for everyone

Retractable TV Brackets for Private Individuals

When it comes to furniture and interior design, the right placement of a TV inside the room is a major issue. Wherever it is placed, a TV screen inevitably attracts attention from every vantage point, even when turned off. The arrangement of a TV affects the orientation of any other piece of furniture, forcing those who are planning an environment to take into account clutter, sockets to hide or manage, furniture to be positioned in order to ensure the optimal view of the screen.

Hiding the TV in the ceiling or inside a piece of furniture is the perfect solution to make the most of the design of a room and leave unnecessary furnishing problems behind.

Choosing to buy a motorized TV bracket is an excellent idea for both companies and individuals. What is the right solution for your needs? Find out on the site! Maior offers different models of motorized systems to guarantee individuals the perfect model for every type of project.

Living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, workplaces and conference rooms: the automated brackets make it possible to make a flat screen disappear in a discreet and elegant way, managing every movement from a distance via a remote control or a home automation control.

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