Home automation and comfort: 50 ideas to improve life at home

The home automation system for a smart home

Home automation is a popular term that has become part of everyday life.

Artificial intelligence systems have simplified the management of different activities in the house, improving the experience of each environment and optimizing consumption.

No magic trick: programming the activities of the house is possible through the setting of a central operating system, capable of managing different functions related to comfort, security, energy saving, communication and not least entertainment.

The automation of a home automation system knows no limits. For this, we have selected our favorite ideas, some of which you may not have considered until now and which may help you create your dream home. Here is a list of the 50 most interesting ideas to make the most of home automation.

Lighting management in the home: smart lighting

Domotic room

With an intelligent lighting system, you can easily and from anywhere in the house set up the entire lighting system, creating your environment with scenarios, colors and themes for every moment. All with a simple touch on the device or via voice command.

  1. By tapping twice any switch you can turn off all the house lights before leaving. A fast, practical and immediate operation that will allow you to make sure you do not leave lights on while you are out of the house.
  2. Adjust a whole set of lights at a distance? You can thanks to home automation! Through a simple smartphone, tablet or touch screen switch you can control the switching on and off of all the lights in the house, even remotely!
  3. A light can illuminate the environment, but it can also do much more. For example, a light bulb can alert the host to someone’s arrival, flashing inside a room when a guest shows up at the entrance. This solution is much more discreet than a classic doorbell, warning us directly in the room where we are.
  4. Imagine coming home from work, and on the driveway a trail of lights turns on when you arrive. Thanks to home automation it is possible to install a set of lights along the path of the house that can automatically light up when a car or a guest arrives, driving it towards the entrance.
  5. One of the most advantageous and comfortable aspects of the domotic lighting system is the adjustment of the intensity and the light shade depending on the time of day. In this way you will be able to create a suffused atmosphere to watch a film or create an appropriate reading environment with the right intensity. Nothing better to create the right situation to relax from the stress of the day.
  6. Not only according to the time, the lighting of a room can vary its intensity depending on the light coming from outside, increasing or decreasing dynamically following the weather conditions.
  7. Why limit yourself to indoors? Garden lighting can also be adjusted to turn on during sunset and turn off on its own at dawn.
  8. Have you ever fallen asleep with your bedside lamp on? With an automated system you no longer have to worry about having to turn off the lights before you sleep: all the lights in the house can turn off at set times.
  9. In addition, with intelligent lighting a light can be activated with a very mild intensity simply by perceiving a movement, facilitating natural night shifts to turn off independently once away.
  10. Coming home late at night? With smart lighting it will no longer be a concern to disturb other family members: a series of very low lights will guide you when you return.

Smart sound systems: an intelligent soundtrack for action and relaxation

Domotic room

Do you love listening to music at home but neighbors don’t appreciate the loud volume? A home automation audio system could solve all the problems and help you realize the house of your dreams.

With home automation you can integrate the audio system of your home through a smart control system that can spread music in all rooms, or listen to independent content room by room.

By connecting devices, you can choose what to listen to, or perceive, in each room, integrating sound into your environment.

  1. The dream of every music lover is to listen to the favorite playlist in every room of the house. With home automation you can create the perfect soundtrack for every occasion and listen to it in every room, managing it from controls placed in every setting or simply from an app.
  2. Each member of the house can have his favorite music selection, marked by a title or a color and activated on specific rooms also by a keyboard.
  3. By tapping the volume button twice you can remotely mute the sound of an area of the house.
  4. Singing your favorite song in the shower or enjoying a song during the bath becomes very easy: through the home automation a dedicated playlist can automatically play once the lights in the room are turned on.
  5. You can intervene on volume and selection of songs even in the shower, installing a waterproof touch-screen on the wall or through voice commands.
  6. Playlists can be meticulously programmed and refined to match not only the selection of different family members, but the time or listening room.
  7. A home automation system can transform a musician into a real rockstar! You can spread your own home showcase in any room, or in those you want.
  8. Light and music have always worked in synergy to create the right atmosphere. Home automation allows you to create a perfect combination of lighting and sound, adapting to every circumstance. For example, it is possible to program a series of melodic pieces to be diffused with a soft light, to be listened to during the night or the working of a project.
  9. Finding the song that we haven’t been able to get out of the head for a long time, but of which we don’t remember a title, is not a problem for those who rely on a smart audio system: it will be enough to hum a motif or quote a part of the text to an electronic assistant to recognize it and make it reproduce instantly.
  10. A home automation system integrated with an audio system can be used not only for playback but for recording, making the acquisition of sounds simple and immediate.

Home automation and entertainment: having fun in a smart way

Home automation and home entertainment
  1. Thanks to home automation, it is possible, at the touch of a button, to transform the atmosphere of home into that of a party. It takes just a second to activate a set of custom lights, able to enhance the environment with the right mix of lighting and colors, while the custom playlist is activated in perfect sync.
  2. Home automation also meets us in the unexpected by adjusting lights and sounds in an appropriate way and start a special notification in case of calls or guests approaching the door.
  3. With a home automation audio system just a click away you can spread your performance in every room, facilitating interaction with the public in every room.
  4. Turn the smart speaker into your personal assistant: it will help you manage every request, quickly coping with every emergency.
    – When you wake up in the morning do you want a good coffee? Ask your voice assistant, he will prepare it in a few minutes.
    – With a simple voice command you can: start the dishwasher or the washing machine, or turn off the oven when the food is cooked.
    – You have to make dinner, but you still have 1,000 chores to do? The assistant can help you quickly order a pizza or other takeaway based on your preferences.
    – When you prepare for the morning you never know what to wear because you ask yourself: “What time will it be today?”. Ask your personal assistant! He’ll be able to answer all your questions in a minute.
    – In addition, you can interact directly with the home automation system and change a music playlist if the party changes atmosphere.
  5. Home living robots are also being developed to make them suitable for entertainment. Their artificial intelligence system will be able to analyze household appliances and devices, transforming the “robotic butler” into a mediator between guests’ requests and home automation services.
  6. Spread music in a synchronized way throughout the house through hi-fi audio systems designed specifically for a smart home, from small devices to be placed in every room or small solutions powerful enough.
  7. Add color to your party with smart colored light bulbs. They are available in millions of variants and allow you to control each setting directly from a smart-phone.
  8. Turn your home into a cinema! Through the motorized TV brackets you can activate a large television hidden from the ceiling instantly creating the right atmosphere, adapting the lights in a soft way before viewing and then turn on the desired setting during the breaks. A light atmospheric ambient music can also cheer up the guests waiting to watch.
  9. The smart refrigerator is another example of a home automation object to consider when creating a smart home. It allows you to have automatic control over the expiration date of food and to receive notifications about the possible exhaustion of food and drinks.
  10. Finally, there are several home automation devices that will help you create great drinks! These appliances allow you to dose the ingredients appropriately, drawing from hundreds of recipes online.

TV integration with the home automation system

Integrate your TV with your home automation system: with a single integrated remote control you can manage lights, climate, automation, but also TV and movies in every room.

  1. Click “play” to lower the TV from the ceiling? It is possible by installing a motorized tv bracket, synchronizing the lights that will gradually decrease with the descent of the monitor, the surround system will activate and the curtains will close automatically.
  2. When pausing a movie or broadcast, program the smart-home system to increase the lights by 30%.
  3. No distraction when watching a movie: program the home automation system not only to turn down the lights, turn off any other noise source and bring the TV down from the ceiling, but also to close every door of the house and set the phone to “do not disturb”.
  4. Make the most of your home theater to make the most of your gaming experiences.
  5. Program your TV to go down from the ceiling and set up on your favorite TV channel upon your arrival at home, without running the risk of losing your favorite broadcast.
  6. Create a “good night” program for the little ones, flashing the lights of the room ten minutes before the TV, ipad and video-game shutdown.
  7. Program the TV to give you a good morning, making it active at your entrance in the kitchen or at breakfast time: start the day on the right foot with your favorite broadcast.
  8. Losing the remote control will no longer be a problem: Program your home switches to generate a beep that will allow you to track it, for example by tapping three times one of the keys that operate the lights.
  9. Even without a remote control, you can change the channel of a smart-tv via a voice assistant.
  10. Turn off the TV automatically when you’re done using it, automatically hiding the TV in the ceiling and making it disappear with a motorized TV stand.

Improve home security with smart home devices

Home automation

One of the advantages of a smart home is the possibility of integrating it with home automation security devices. Home automation alarm systems, security cameras and smart locks will make your home a safe environment not only from unwanted incursions but also from possible gas leaks or water leaks.

  1. With the installation of a simple touch screen you can remotely view who is approaching the house or ringing the doorbell. In addition, by programming certain actions, you can:
    – sound a custom alarm pattern;
    – rotate the security cameras towards the incoming person;
    – zoom in on his face;
    – extend night lighting from 20% to 75%.
  2. Home automation security systems also allow you to program alarms to alert you when the front door or gate has been open or ajar for more than ten seconds.
  3. Security camera images can be remotely controlled at any time on the mobile phone, also activating a signal in case of alarm. This way you can control the house at any time, even when you are at a distance.
  4. Motion sensors can detect suspicious actions around the house. An intelligent home automation system can alert us with a message about any unexpected movement around the house. Heat sensors will be able to distinguish the passage of animals from possible intruders.
  5. Speaking of unwanted guests, it is possible to develop a “Animal Program” that can be activated automatically, discouraging the entrance into the house with flashing lights or with the momentary activation of the home alarm.
  6. Similarly, you can program a system to discourage thieves from trying to steal, for example:
    – suddenly turning on all the house lights at maximum brightness;
    – instantly locking the front door;
    – taking a monitor down from the ceiling to simultaneously display the footage of all the security cameras.
  7. During a trip, away from the house, you can previously program the home automation system to emulate actions in the house, such as the temporary lighting of tv, lights and music, so as to simulate the presence of people to discourage any malicious.
  8. While on holiday you can leave the house available to a friend in case of need. It will be enough to program smart locks to generate temporary access codes, sent to the trusted person. Similarly, you can create custom passwords for each family member.
  9. Forgetting the open garage will no longer be a problem. You can program the garage to open with a smartphone control and make it automatically close at the machine exit, thanks to motion sensors. The garage lights can turn on at 50% of their brightness at the arrival of the vehicle and turn off when the environment is abandoned.
  10. Any problem related to the safety and maintenance of the house can be notified on the mobile phone in real time, from the malfunction of a device to the loss of water in the pipes.

Why invest in an automated home automation?

As we have seen from these ideas, a home automation allows you to greatly increase the level of comfort. Technology and comfort come together in perfect synergy giving comfort, well-being and efficiency.

The automation of devices allows you to improve many aspects of everyday life: from lighting management to video surveillance, not to mention the experience that you can create a home automation entertainment system.

The ultimate goal of a smart home is to satisfy the wishes and expectations of those who live there, making every tenant happier, safer and cared for.

Every room can be perfected reaching, through home automation devices, its full potential, from the perfect kitchen to the most comfortable living room.

In summary, a home automation system contains countless advantages, including:

  • Simplification of domestic life
  • Energy saving
  • Security and surveillance inside and outside the home
  • Comfort and customization of the rooms for every need.
    The home automation system allows to automate many operations with the touch of a finger. The best technologies and automation for those who want only the best from things.

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